I'm happy with my job and my life. If Big data and AI really worked for the good of man (but for business), I would not be bombarded with career opportunities and stupid ads at all.
In primary school, we worked hard to master calculation. With the advent of electronic calculators, most of us lost this capability with the very brain regions declining. Similarilly, would we still find our way without GPS devices?

All those well intended advices
and the next destination consolidates
a new drive, on the same vehicle
less and less dead weight
The past is stuff for
white painted newspapers
And tomorow is just an excuse
for not living today


dsc01727 smallDon't get lost
in the travellers blues
of loosing illusions
in the magic places
tethered by everydays
common oddities
The longer you stay
the more you understand
what's reality here

You thought you found a place
where romance was true
where you can feel home
Yet the fire burned fast
under the glowing sun
Remains unreached

The longer you stay
the more you are caught
in your own misgivings

There's always mountains to climb
far away, if you dare
There's songs to sing
and dreams behind
this cloudless horizon
if you roll on

The longer you stay
the more you might worry
until you roll on

Yet one day
you wish yourself back
back to this place
you ran away from
caught in misgivings
and illusions

A crazy dream of a single Emperor
weathered now, an amazing pile of rubble
in the shadow of mighty silver trees
What happend here, which force, which spirit
first imagined these palaces and pyramids and temples?
Which lunatic power made the crazy dream become real
and manifest here a millenium ago, in just 20 years?
A stone robot head - fallen - neither laughs nor to smiles
A tree with a burned out trunk yet green treetop
And that very spirit is omnipresent...

DSC01164 small

It was early in Summer this year. The old cat showed us her offspring for the first time. We knew she was pregnant before, yet she was hidding herself and the kitties after she gave birth for a couple of weeks. She was thin as skin when she reappeared. Luckily, everything went well. The cat and the kitties ate and ate and now I guess their are ready for the cold season. Two of the offspring went to good hands, and now there's Whitepaw and Zwergi left here with their mother and her last years offspring. When I have my smoke outside, the kitties would come back from the neighboring woods and coze my legs, begging for some food. Yet these kitties are freedom cats, not used to the inside of the house. They are curious though, especially the one with the four white paws. Yet as soon as the door closes behind Whitepaw, he gets lunatic, jumps at the door and meows. No matter hoiw hungry he was before, Whitepaw wouldn't even pay a single look at the offered milk inside. Definitly, he's favouring freedom over food. I'm still puzzled in the most positive way about their distinction. And sometimes I wish, man would be a little more distinctive on his own freedom and the choice of food too.

Whitepaw in Summer