Finally summer. A summer to enjoy. Faith led me back home to Thuringia, more precisely to one of the most beautiful spots close to the Rennsteig, a small valley with a creek flowing through tranquil old woods and rocks between the steep hills. May was cold and rainy, yet pleasant for hiking in the fresh Green. A week ago the fireflies have started to fly. They are around me when hiking or cycling at night. They'd sit down on my tent on the riverbank, or welcome me at the front door of the old mansion at the end of the town I'm dwelling in at the moment. During the week, the only sound you can hear here are birds. Lovely fairytale summer...

Faith has also led me back to Research - despite of attending ordinary programmers work with all the time constraints and management trouble I'm contemplating on algorithms and models for human sleep wake cycle and its parameters. My host provides me with loads of interesting books and ideas what areas to do more research in. The idea to stay here longer is tempting, promising... But still, the soul if eager to travel, the migratory bird wants to fly south again. Maybe when the fireflies have gone and the leaves turn gold and red :-)

view from Uebelberg Kanzel

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