you've been driving on this course on and on
now you start to notice
all the unprogrammed features -
an indian shaman on the road
hitchhikers in trees,
long forgotten papetery of past rooms
you've been dwelling in
this is what you see in rock textures
suddenly your engine doesn't
sound like an old diesel anymore
it became a jet engine
white noise covers your senses and
you walk through an wide open door
without noticing it
dreamland comes so close
to this virtual reality
you get lost in dream
that used to be a simple thought
a second ago and crash
the longer you ride on this parcourt
your will to master that stupid game

indian spirits and hitchikers in trees,
long forgotten wallpapers of past times
show up in the textures of this rock
you've passed so often
and once again you'll hear this girl
singing gently and you starve
for her warm soft lips
for her bright smile but...
her aeroplane takes off once again and
you're suddenly back in that vehicle
and you're off the track
you're supposed to keep
the windmills of your mind turn fast
until sunrise and
you realize this was only a rehearsal
just a piece of you that'd be hidden
well in your unconciousness

Hallo Welt