It was early in Summer this year. The old cat showed us her offspring for the first time. We knew she was pregnant before, yet she was hidding herself and the kitties after she gave birth for a couple of weeks. She was thin as skin when she reappeared. Luckily, everything went well. The cat and the kitties ate and ate and now I guess their are ready for the cold season. Two of the offspring went to good hands, and now there's Whitepaw and Zwergi left here with their mother and her last years offspring. When I have my smoke outside, the kitties would come back from the neighboring woods and coze my legs, begging for some food. Yet these kitties are freedom cats, not used to the inside of the house. They are curious though, especially the one with the four white paws. Yet as soon as the door closes behind Whitepaw, he gets lunatic, jumps at the door and meows. No matter hoiw hungry he was before, Whitepaw wouldn't even pay a single look at the offered milk inside. Definitly, he's favouring freedom over food. I'm still puzzled in the most positive way about their distinction. And sometimes I wish, man would be a little more distinctive on his own freedom and the choice of food too.

Whitepaw in Summer

Hallo Welt