A journey into the traditional Japan, the time of the great Samurai warriors... The main character is a historic figure who existed & whom many places in Japan are related too.
This book is about a boy who went out to become a Samurai, his long way to achieve his golden goal and of course the problems & fights he had to stand. It is the story about his friend Matahachi too, who wanted to become a Samurai too but did not quite had the resistance to withstand his own desires. And it is the story of a deep love, unsatisfied over a long period. So, this book is full of action, philosophy and romance. Hmm, I read this just before going to Japan. Or was this book a reason more to go?

"The world is always fullfilled by the noise of the waves. The small fish who left themselfes handed over to the waves, they play and dance. But how knows the soul of the sea, hundred feet deep. Who knows its depth?"

Hallo Welt