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A entertaining, stunning novel about a drop-out place in America. Hippies and wanna-bees, and their more or less chaotic attempt to drop out of a society they don't like. Smoking, talking wierd stuff. Flat stuff, basically. Wierd freeloaders arround them, of corse. And no possibility to get rid of them due to the "Love and Peace and a Place for Everyone" rule. After a while, the whole bunch is forced to leave the farm they are dwelling, and with an old school bus and two or three cars they'd head off for a farm in Alaska. They reach the place, yet have no clue how to survive. In the village, there are trappers and farmers with their own livestyle and their own rivalities, upon which some of the newcomers split up...

The way the novell is written gives the reader the impression Boyle must have been living such a livestyle. Everything sounds authentic, lively.