Below are some pictures that did not really fit into the travel articles, sorted by topics.

Springs and wells: Romania has no good public reputation for the quality of the drinking water. At least in the mountains, there are plenty of springs with amazing fresh water. Even  in the rural areas we always found a clean well just in time. Whenever a cup was attached to the well, we considered it safe. 

Animal power: Horse breeding is very popular in Romania. The well-feed animals are a common view beside the road or on the meadows. Even on the highways there are often horse carts loaded up with hay, building material or scrap. Older coachman will kindly greet, whereas the boys in charge often attempt to start a race with overtaking cyclists.

Highlights in traditional and modern rural architecture: Traditional architecture of the farmhouses fairly changed from region to region, as well as the amount of incredible new houses and palaces.

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