It is my third time in Japan. First time by bicycle. First time at all I'm going to travel by bicycle. And luckily it is the first time I have enough money and time to do whatever I want here in Japan. The day after the taifun, I reassemble my bicycle and drive off Tokyo, passing by the Imperial Palace and Shinjuku. A policeman tells me which road to take to Kawaguchiko from Shinjuku.

I can hear cicada singing everywhere where some gardens are. Other then that, the city seems to be endless. Every once in a while, I stop by at some Convenience store to refill drinks and food and ask whether I am still on the right track. When I reach Takao, I am finally off the city and its suburbs. Nice steep mountains surround the place, and there is a hugh famous temple on top of Mnt. Takao. Wonderful smell of the woods... Riding further towards Otsuki, still in lovely countryside. There is not much traffic on the roads, it feels comfortable safe to ride the bicycle in Japan. Its going up and down gently. Lakes, mountains, villages with traditional houses and wonderful gardens. I reach Otsuki by 5PM, slightly exhausted after approximately 100 kilometers.

I hope I could take the train from here to Kawaguchiko, however the staff on the train station tells me it is not possible to carry the bicycle in the train. So I have to keep on riding. Still about 25 kilometers to go at dusk, now more and more uphill. Finally at 8 PM, I reach the place and meet my friend again, who did the trip by bus in just about 3 hours from Asakusa. Descent diner nearby the train station, a few beers and then a good sleep in the Youth Hostel.


Hallo Welt