I am greatful for the oportunity to give a series of lectures on Scientific Working  at the University of Applied Science in Schmalkalden.

The following topics were covered in 6 sessions:

  • Choosing and framing the topic
  • Task and Time planing
  • Search strategies
  • Pro and Contra books
  • Online: Wikipedia, Google Scholar, Scirus
  • Smart search: Bool operators, distance operators, truncation, wildcards and more
  • Break down search results
  • Literature management systems
  • Literature library of the university (Online-Library, Online-Magazines (Fr. Kritikou)
  • Reading strategies
  • Understand and abstract scientific texts
  • Fast reading techniques
  • Just write: flow of writing, obstacles
  • Plagiarism
  • Correct citing
  • Creating useful diagrams
  • Basic Latex introduction

Lecture notes are available in German on request.

Hallo Welt