Chocolate is great to prevent Cancer!

When he was in the middle of his 30ies, Schreiber himself received the brutal diagnosis of having developed a brain tumor. At the time (and even nowadays in many rural areas) such diagnosis was considered a sentence of death.  Schreiber took his chances as a doctor, tuned into Cancer research and survived. In his book, he explains the mechanisms of cancer and the state-of-art findings of reasearch in terms of cancer supporting and preventing issues in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way, yet with the required portion of scientific correctness. For the reader, he gives new hope and lots of hints how to handle such devastating diagnosis, and how to stay or become healthy.

Basically, as stated in many other scientific books, it is made clear that stress turns off the human immune system, the ability to develop fever and therefore hinders the self healing abilities of the human body. Further, stress rises blood pressure and thereby increases the risk of cardiovaluar diseases (heart attacks and the likes). One more important statement was the strong correlation between untreated depression and cancer. Depressions cause stress, and therefore support the development of heart diseases and cancer. Psychotherapeutical treatment usually eliminates both depression and physical impact on the body.

So to say - eat more chocolate, drink green tea and don't bother for the deadlines your boss tells you :-)

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