A.H. was born in 1894 in Great Britain and studied in Oxfort. After getting experienced in Buddhism and the political changes in Europe he developed from a smiling satirist to a convinced reformer who tried to change the world trough a universal mystic religion.

His roman "Brave new World" is the futuristic story of 'the year 632 after Henry Ford', which acts in a society whose children are made and educated by robots, cloned for hugh castes, the Alphas, Betas ...down to Epsilons. It shows the perfect affluent society without cruel, war & sickness, but without art, religion & humanity too. Each kind of individualism is condemned as antisocial and wild. Ok, enough of descriptions, read it and it will give you the creeps!

Other books of A.H. are "The doors of perception" discussing his experiences with Mescalin and 'Heaven & Hell'.

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