A novel on how sea life suddenly turns against man. A fishermen on a small boats disappears in South America, orcas attack whale watchers on the shore of Vancouver Island. Plagues of poisonous jellyfish appear at beaches in Australia, and strange worms drilling into the frozen methan layers are detected in the North Sea. Scientists first look for answers locally, independently. Ships disappear without a trace. As more and more incidents happen, they start to talk. The US government sets up a think tank collecting the best researchers, and slowly they become aware that all forms of sea life seems to be triggered by an unknown life form to fight man. An unknown sort of glibber is detected in the brains of aggressive whales and poisonous crabs

Meanwhile, the methan shields in the North Sea collapse in scales and cause a giant tsunami on the Scandinavian shores...

How to communicate with such a life form? Is it intelligent? Will it reason? Schätzing has his protagonists raise some really interesting philosophical questions on mans attitude towards life and intelligence and finishes the book with a showdown between military and science and a cease fire between the swarm and man. Fantastic book!

Hallo Welt