• bridge cz
  • Sunrise on Mnt. Fuji
  • Abra Acay, Argentinia
  • Reached the Carribean shores, Belize
  • Rhein falls, Switzerland
  • Cycling in Belize
  • Between Czech and Austria
  • Hampi Hampi!!!
  • Road workers in Spiti valley, India
  • On the Shikoku Pilgrim Trail
  • Spiti Valley
  • Grosse Scheidegg, Switzerland
  • Bolivia
  • On the Shikoku Pilgrim Trail
  • Continental Divide, Tansania

Based on our Sleep-Wake Model, shift schedules can be simulated for different chronotypes and examined for their suitability regarding sleep deprivation, forced waking and accumulated sleep lacks. Goal is to find schedules with reduced impact on these factors, hence provide better vigilance during work hours.

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