Sometimes, all you want is a small blog-like display of a series of news for your xt:Commerce4 webshop. With this small plugin, you can do so. Free of charge. 

After installing the plugin, create a content block called news or blog, and add/assign a few content items to this content block. In the Plugin configuration, enter the appropriate BlockId. Additionally, you can choose a headline for your blogpage in the plugin configuration. So far, this works only for one content block.

Your blog is displayed under the following URL: index.php?page=sv_blog

Alternatively, a blog layout of all content elements of block with id 11 is displayed with the following URL: index.php?page=sv_blog&blockId=11

Enable "short versions" of blog contents if you want to trim lengthy content elements. A Read more link is displayed in that case. Attention: this option may cause trouble if you are using html inside content elements.

Note that after the plugin installation, content items will have a date field in the editor. This is set to current date for new items. The date is displayed in the blog layout if in reasonable range.

The plugin ws tested thorougly, yet comes without warranty. For feedback, please use the contact form.

Download plugin here.